World Bicycle Relief

Introducing the Global Bike Festival charity partner

Global Bike Festival is proud to be supporting the World Bicycle Relief. 

World Bicycle Relief mobilises people through the Power of Bicycles and envisions a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood. 

In many rural areas across the globe, individuals are unable to access basic needs, due to the barrier of distance. World Bicycle Relief’s mission is to provide sustainable, appropriate bicycles to mobilise and empower individuals and communities so they can travel to schools, clinics, and markets. 

World Bicycle Relief delivers specially designed, locally assembled, rugged Buffalo Bicycles to people in need. They have developed an efficient, innovative, and scalable model to help empower communities. students, health workers, and entrepreneurs in rural regions with life-changing mobility.

A Buffalo Bicycle is not your average Bicycle –

 it's a life-changer. 



Global Bike Festival is supporting World Bicycle Relief through fundraising. Your generous support can help provide life-changing bicycles across the world. 

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